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It All Begins With A Smile

After an especially challenging and emotional week, I found this in my Twitter feed.


The message within made me smile. Not only should we smile, and help others to find their smile, but acknowledging the power of touch and personal connection as REAL factors that affect us every day.

I won’t say I’m the best at giving, but can definitely say with conviction that emotional energy, the kind that is found in a kind and caring statement, a friendly hug, an empathetic smile, an acknowledgement that I add value to a situation or someone’s life IS one of the most powerful forces affecting how I approach each day.

Days that are absent of this are difficult. Simply put. I understand too that giving to others is fulfilling in itself. My emotional cup though, still requires a lot of input before I can easily provide for others.

I accept your challenge Mr. Harper and hope sharing this will inspire others to do the same. How will YOU make SMILES happen in your world today?

Determination and Perseverence

So often in my life determination and perseverance have been tied to work-related goals. Over the past several months though, perhaps as a part of my soul-searching journey on the path to 40 and beyond, my goal has been to become healthy inside and out.

With this goal perseverance and determination have taken on new meanings. Healthy inside means not only making good choices for feeding my body but also good choices for feeding my soul. Don’t get me wrong, good choices are difficult in both areas…I love a good glass of wine, often. However the choices for my soul are much harder. Working to always be true to my soul is simply hard emotional work. That being said, it really feels great…and is becoming easier and easier each day. Too bad I can’t say the same about running.

Having determination and working to persevere for the work needed internally manifests itself externally too. Good choices show on my face, can be heard in my words, and live in my heart.

Next weekend my sister, a friend, and I are doing a mud run. Not exactly a princess activity, but so soul-enriching I can’t wait. It feels so good to feed the true me.

I’m thankful to be surrounded by a cadre of people who provide me motivation to continue on this journey.

Is Happiness Optional?

There are many decisions in life we make.  Sacrifices we make for varied and sundry reasons; family, children, career, etc.  However, at what point do we decide that above all, we are better contributors to the world when we decide that our happiness is not optional?  Life is filled with many pleasures both simple and complex; the happiness that comes from a great meal, the strong loving hug from a child and singing along to the radio as we ride down the road. Unfortunately, life isn’t all a bed of Gerber daisies (I like them better than roses).  We have obligations to others, bills to pay and laundry to do.  Finding happiness even in those mundane tasks is a simple step in asserting that our happiness is not optional.  At what point do we stop the sacrifice and decide that the world will be a better place when our hearts are in harmony with our spirits?  At what point do we decide that our happiness in life is not optional?

Ten Minutes

Recently I have had some experiences that have helped me to look the space-time continuum with a new appreciation.  So often in life I have been seeking perfection in grandiose forms; in my person, in my work, in my family.  However, it really is the little ten minutes in our lives that are the true items of desire.  Ten minutes in front of a fire to clear the worries of the day, ten minutes with dedicated people working on a project with shared passion, ten minutes holding your child before the day begins or ends, ten minutes in shared spaces with friends where there are no words but you completely connect.  Ten minutes isn’t a long time, but can create experiences that define us for a lifetime.  Stop the world and enjoy your ten minutes…they won’t be there long and will fill you with whatever is needed on your life journey at that moment.  Instead of perfection, I think I shall begin defining happiness within the ten minutes that life brings my way….

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