Today is the last day of summer vacation for my kiddos. In years past this day has been spent poolside with friends, savoring the last few moments of “freedom”. 

Obviously this summer has been a little different. My little situation  has kept me from venturing poolside; each week hoping the last drain would be removed and I could at least “try”. Unfortunately God must be insisting that I have a very large lesson in patience, vanity, and grace because 4 weeks later I’m still “with drain”. 

My family has cared for me so well, giving me anything I want or need and making sure I am comfortable at all times. Today had to be for them…

So today’s musing are being crafted poolside. The worry and embarrassment that my drain and corset are visible had to be put to the side: my vanity out the window for today.  As I write, we are going on hour four…my patience not at all stretched because I see my kiddos absorbing those moments of their childhood that we all remember with such fondness; my husband hopefully resting in our quiet home since he sleeps anywhere other than beside me so I can rest as well as possible. 

Today I’m  not up and socializing or lying in the sun chatting about what  tomorrow will bring. I’m at a table, moving with the shade to stay cool.  But, without them having any idea how vulnerable I feel today, my friends approach and we chat. And it’s with grace that I thank them for coming over and even more for their compliments on my healthful appearance.  

Today will end and tomorrow will start a new adventure for us all. But I feel certain when I look back on this chapter of my life, this day will be one of the bright spots that made the journey bearable.