Set to 4:00 am, the alarm glowed in the darkness of the room. But she couldn’t rest. Her mind was filled with fear, her heart with angst, and her body with trepidation. The reality of what was to come had arrived. She was thankful  for the day to end, for now she could attempt to absorb all that was to come in the hours ahead without worrying if she’d have the strength to put on a smile or make another joke so the tears would stay at bay. 

Tired and weary she closed her eyes to embrace the thought that everything will be ok. She thought about the kind words of dear friends both near and far.  She thought about the  unexpected phone call that expressed care and concern.  She thought about  the tenderness in the hugs goodnight and she knew that no matter what lied in the hours ahead, the reality was that she is surrounded by love.