There are times in our lives where there is a disconnect between what we believe to be our truths and what others perceive. Allowing those moments to cause fractures in our self esteem, self worth, and confidence only allow those around us to gain control over our emotional well being.  It is in those moments that we must be able to reflect:

  • In this situation, what is in my control?
  • How do my actions reflect on my core values?
  • Does someone know what is important to me based on the words they overhear in a friendly conversation?

Being keenly aware of our words and actions can help propel those not so positive thoughts forward and restore faith  and assurance in how you believe in yourself. 

Moreover, focusing less on what others believe and more on how to inspire faith could be the glide path to personal and professional satisfaction. Ask yourself instead:

  • What will I do today to inspire someone to act with kindness?
  • How can my actions demonstrate empathy and care to someone?
  • What will I do today to be solution-focused?
  • How can I allow my best self to be visible to others when faced with a challenge?

In our lives there are no two days the same.  The difference between those that are similar are sometimes the simple efforts in how we choose to approach them. 

How will you approach this day?  Be amazing.