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July 2015


Every once in a while life tosses us a bit more than we feel we can handle.  Whether it be work tasks, personal projects, family or friends or a combination thereof.  I’ve written before about the shame that comes with outward expression of emotion, especially in the workplace…we won’t travel that road again. I won’t apologize for feeling deeply about my family, my friends, and for caring deeply about the work I do and the people with whom I do that work.

Some very hurtful words have been shared with me recently, again, about my passion for life.  Because I do feel deeply about almost everything (just ask my kids about watching movies with me), I have to believe the person uttering them, or in this particular case, writing them, has any idea the impact of the words on my soul.  To share my thoughts in person will be in vain.  Therefore I write this morning to heal my heart and to share my philosophy of leadership with the world:

I am transparent….

You will never have to worry about knowing where you stand with me.  You will know when I’m angry, you will know when I’m proud of you, you will know when I’m tired, you will know when I’m sad.  I live with passion and for that I refuse to apologize.  

You will also never have to worry about my intentions.  I believe people are inherently good to a fault.  Even if we disagree, have different philosophies, or even if you are plain mean, I will still embrace our time as an opportunity to learn, grow, empathize, and care.  I will speak with kindness of you and work to help both you and I grow to be better in all we do.  

Being a part of my life means YOU ARE A PART OF MY LIFE.  You will hear about Jake the dog, the antics of Abby and Evan, Mike, Mom, Shawn, Kim, Julie, and all the other people in my life that I love.  You will hear about them because I care about you too….I care about your cat with the broken leg, I care about your daughter with the bruised arm, I care about your daughter at camp each day, I care about your wife and her well-being, I care about your move.  I choose to care.  

I will demonstrate emotion.  I will be silly, I will be angry, I will smile, I will cry….and I will do all of those things with you because life happens and I’m not afraid for you to see the real, vulnerable me.  

We will walk our journeys together; thinking and planning when we can, reacting and adjusting when necessary.  We are a team and I value your thoughts and ideas.  Just because my chair is bigger doesn’t mean I have all the answers…multiple perspectives are priceless to me.  

I will do my best to always lead with vision, forthought, and empathy.  But you can rest assured I’ll always lead, work, and live with love.  


Days will come and go….

Sometimes they will be filled with experiences that will make you smile. Sometimes the moments within the days will require the strength of mind, body, and soul to navigate through. Sometimes we will pause, grateful for all of our blessings.  Sometimes each passing second will cause us to wonder “why me”….

Always, there is someone to share in  or help with the sometimes moments. 

Be someone. 

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