I’m so fortunate to be a part of a Voxer group with some fantastic people across the nation.  Today’s post is credited to something that my dear friend, Steven Weber (@curriculumblog), shared yesterday.  (He promised I’ll get more hits on this post if I mention him).  🙂

If you were asked today, “where do the cool kids” hang out, and “kids” referred to passionate educators trying to change the world, how would you respond?  The cool kids are:

  • On Voxer (@voxer):  They are on Voxer solving problems, sharing ideas, and planning for action that will help students achieve better outcomes.  They are laughing about life, love, and family while they work to solve the problems in education across the nation.
  • On Twitter:  They are on Twitter, chatting in hour long sessions about administration (#ncadmin), effective PLCs (#atplc), and trending ideas in education (#satchat).  They are tweeting our thoughts and ideas, like these I will share today.  And, they are tagging and retweeting, for those with whom they share common ground or have dedicated to support in personal or professional growth ( #agcohort).
  • At EdCamps:  They are choosing to come together to learn, on their own dime, on their own time, to collaborate, extend, and enhance the work they do each day.

The “cool kids” are all around us.  How will you bring an outsider into the “cool kids club” today?