Today I have had a chance to stop, think, and reflect on many things in my life.  I am so thankful to be surrounded by so many people who care for me in different ways…from my close friends who know my most intimate thoughts on life, to my friends across the nation with whom I can talk education.  Each one of you contribute to my soul in a different way.  I contemplated writing something about you all here, individually, but decided there wouldn’t be enough characters to properly illustrate my thoughts.  But can indeed share my thanks for the moments and traits each of you offer to make me a better person each day.  I don’t tell you often nor in the moment, but friends, thank you for this moment.  Thank you for:

caring, because you can see the pain and hurt that you know I’m trying to hide;

pushing, because you know me well enough to know I am always seeking greatness;

listening, because sometimes just getting the words out helps me to feel better;

loving, because you understand that love is captured in moments, not in things;

asking, because you know I’ll never just tell you;

laughing, because it just feels so good to laugh until you cry;

being, because sometimes just presence, whether near or far,  is exactly what is needed.

I value you, your thoughts, your time, your energy that you give to me so freely.  For that, my friend, I say thank you for this moment.