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June 2014

And The Sun Will Rise Again

When your heart is heavy and you soul is lost, there is a sense of peace in knowing the day shall pass and the sun will rise again.

How many of our children will rise today with heavy hearts and lost souls because summer break is here and the blanket of comfort and safety that comes with school is “on vacation”?

We must change our paradigm in the system of learning to better fit the needs of our little ones and not the convenience of the adults.


1.5 Miles

Tonight my kids and I took a departure from the norm and walked home from swim team practice instead of driving.  In that 1.5 miles we laughed, we sang, and we talked.  I learned that my children understand the effects of hairspray on the ozone and the ozone’s effect on global warming, that they live a fortunate life where they want for little, that there are starving children in the world and the US is wasteful, that sustainable solutions for clean water are needed, and that curing the world of disease would affect the population of the world in many ways.  I learned they think deeply and I often underestimate their knowledge.  Tonight I learned that 1.5 miles wasn’t nearly far enough….

On Being Invisible

It happened today. My brain slowed from its normal “I need to do this or I forgot to complete that” and allowed me a few moments to breathe. In these moments, I quietly sat at our neighborhood pool, and watched the world stir around me.

I watched the magic of the teenage years walk to and fro in packs, I watched Dads playfully toss their toddlers in the air to hear that gleeful giggle that all parents know…I watched the Moms tug at their suits, trying to cover the few extra curves some of us know well…I watched blissfully happy children bustle in and out of the water.

In my invisible moments I was thankful to have a place that reminded me of days gone by…of the evenings playing hide and seek with friends and catching fireflies in mason jars. So many times I have thought our kids just don’t have those experiences anymore; that we have created such busy lives for them and for us that they just don’t exist. But they do…the moments are here, now, all around me.

Like the times in my memories, the children created new games so one more could play…there was an inherent safety because we all are keepers in this space….and there is the sound of happiness everywhere.

In this moment, I’m smiling….glad that the universe forced my pause and allowed me time to be invisible so I could feel especially thankful for the good that is a part of friendship and family.


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