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September 2013

Perfection–The Epilogue

After the post of my first blog about “the event” I received a text from one of my friends that PERFECTLY framed this epilogue. The text read, “Perfection is the impossible teasing reality. Hope things are outstanding.” My friend was exactly right. It wasn’t PERFECT. Noni and I were rushed until the very last minute with preps, Mom finished volunteer work 2 hours early and my aunt had to occupy her for that time while we finished, and the guests hadn’t all arrived before Mom. But our event was OUTSTANDING. There was plenty of food, OUTSTANDINGLY presented. There was plenty to drink; an OUTSTANDING assortment to meet all needs. There was an OUTSTANDING variety of friends across all periods of her life who came in and out throughout the course of the day. And best of all, she was PERFECTLY surprised.

Now that all the dishes are clean, leftovers handled, gifts opened, and guests departed, I’m able to take that sigh of relief, enjoy the quiet of home, and smile…happy birthday, Mom. It may not have been perfect, but I hope you found it to be an OUTSTANDING celebration.


Today is a BIG day. In fact, I won’t even be able to post this blog until later today because I don’t want to ruin the surprise. Mom turned 60 yesterday. In just a few short hours, 50-60 of her friends and ours will gather together for a party to celebrate her milestone. But as I sit, trying to mentally prepare for what is to come, I want it to be PERFECT. Not just ok, not just pretty, PERFECT. I want the food to taste as if it was PERFECTLY prepared, I want the food to be PERFECTLY presented , I want to wear the PERFECT outfit, and I want her to be PERFECTLY surprised.

The Background: For her birthday Mom wanted to go to NYC or the Bahamas. In order to do a trip like that well, a little more financial planning would have to take place than the time frame given would allow and her disappointment was evident. So, her day came and went yesterday. She spent the day with my sister but I only called to talk with her for a few moments. Today, she is hopefully, dutifully engaged in a volunteer activity with my aunt this morning as Noni (my sister) and I prepare our final touches.

The Problem: You see, PERFECT is dependent on perception. I am sitting, blogging, and becoming more nervous about the day by the second. Noni, yeah, she’s headed to the store now….anxiety permeates my being. Although my dear friend J and I worked diligently for several hours yesterday to prep what we could, there are still lots of things to do before folks arrive and we are PERFECTLY prepared for their arrival.

Solution? Since it is only 9:00 ET, a drink is out of the question. Xanex, nope. Taking a deep breath and hoping for the best. If nothing else, Mom can see this blog later today and know just how important making her day PERFECT was to me.

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