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March 2013


So its official.  I’m 40.  I woke up the same way I always do, I went through the motions of my day as I always do (with a little extra celebration and chocolate cake), and ended the day with a dinner with some of the most special people in my life.  

One of my dear friends recently reminded me that I hadn’t posted a blog lately.  I found this to be not only a caring push, as I believe this friend truly understands how this adventure has had a positive impact on my life, but also as a reminder that just because this milestone has come and gone is, really, only just a day.  

I have many, many blessings in my life.  As I write for this post I am truly overwhelmed with emotion when I think about all I have, who I have, that positively impact my life.  These people are woven into various parts of my life, yet have similar impact.  Each allows me to feel that I add value to their life.  

Being true to the “inner me” has been more important than ever as I approached this milestone.  Thank you, dear friends, all of you…you know who you are, that you are my inspiration each and every day to be a better me.  I hope you are with me throughout my continued journey; that we can walk together in life’s adventures and enjoy things together each step of the way.  

I’m counting on you to always push me to be a better me….

The Importance of Feeling Valued

Life is a complex web of interactions between people and events.  Many times we go about our lives and interactions with little or no thought; we simply go through the motions.  This is an unfortunate state of our world.

If asked  who you felt valued your time, work, or ideas the most, would you be able to answer?  What does it mean to feel valued?  Is feeling valued the same as feeling appreciated?  I would offer that in our society, placing value on a person, their time, work, or ideas is much more meaningful in building healthy relationships.

Recently a decision was made by our Superintendent that made me, as an employee, feel valued.  Before this decision, the decision to delay the start of the workday by the same amount of time as he did school for students, I would say with confidence that I felt appreciated.  He knew me, he knows my work, and “appreciates” my efforts.  However, this decision placed VALUE on me as an individual, not as a cog in the wheel of education; that my life and safety is important and valued.

Since that day, I have made an effort to make sure that those who are a part of my life, at home, at work, and elsewhere in my world, understand that I value them in my life.  Help make someone’s #ten minutes of peace in their otherwise chaotic day by expressing the value they hold in your life.  It is a difficult task but one worthy of your time…


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