Recently I have had some experiences that have helped me to look the space-time continuum with a new appreciation.  So often in life I have been seeking perfection in grandiose forms; in my person, in my work, in my family.  However, it really is the little ten minutes in our lives that are the true items of desire.  Ten minutes in front of a fire to clear the worries of the day, ten minutes with dedicated people working on a project with shared passion, ten minutes holding your child before the day begins or ends, ten minutes in shared spaces with friends where there are no words but you completely connect.  Ten minutes isn’t a long time, but can create experiences that define us for a lifetime.  Stop the world and enjoy your ten minutes…they won’t be there long and will fill you with whatever is needed on your life journey at that moment.  Instead of perfection, I think I shall begin defining happiness within the ten minutes that life brings my way….